What to Ask When You're Purchasing Your First HVAC System

Purchasing your first HVAC system is an important step in creating a healthy and stable environment in your home. It provides a livable condition for you and your family. But, what should you ask when buying your first HVAC system?

The first concern is knowing when to hire a professional before you install anything related to the HVAC system. Remember to seek out those who have good reviews and plenty of experience in HVAC installation (like Rescue Air!).

These steps will help you identify your needs in recognizing whether to replace or repair your system. An initial step is to understand the difference between an H1 and H2 system, or Heating Group 1 and Heating Group 2.

  • Heating Group 1 (H1) systems are water-based.

  • Heating Group 2 (H2) systems involve forced air heating and cooling with a cooling capacity of more than 15 tons in a structure.

The factors you should consider when asking about the HVAC system:

Heating Size

Check with your HVAC technician for the optimal size recommended for your house or building.


The measurement of the capacity of an HVAC system is in BTU (British Thermal Units). The HVAC specialist should know the capacity required to make the most effective use of your HVAC system.


The trend towards energy efficiency in your home begins with the HVAC system. It is important to know how much energy is consumed by the HVAC system. The proper installation by a professional contractor is an important factor in measuring the energy consumption of the HVAC system.

Noise Levels

Ask your contractor or manufacturer about the noise level of the HVAC system, as a system that operates over 60db can create unnecessary sounds throughout your home or building.

Maintenance and Indoor Quality

The most crucial part of any HVAC system is the maintenance involved. Every HVAC system needs regular maintenance to keep the warranty in effect. Another question to consider is the indoor air quality. Remember to ask your installer about ways to improve the air quality of the home.

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