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Scary HVAC Noises You Should Never Ignore

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Is your HVAC system making some weird noises? We’re sure it’s not the most comforting to hear those banging, hissing, and buzzing sounds — especially during Halloween time.

You may rest easy when you hear a loud clump in the middle of the night, knowing it’s your HVAC. However, those weird sounds are just as dangerous as any supernatural being. If you hear any of the four sounds listed below, call an HVAC technician immediately!

4 Noises Your HVAC Shouldn’t Be Making

1. Hissing

If your HVAC system is working properly, you should hear a gentle hum as it turns on and begins to cool or heat your home. If that gentle hum ever turns into a nasty hissing sound, that could mean a serious issue.

Sometimes, hissing comes from your HVAC system’s ductwork, meaning somewhere you have air leaking. Other times, hissing can result from a refrigerant leak. Either way, you need to call a professional immediately to help assist you.

2. Clicking

When your system turns on and off you should hear a clicking noise (so don’t be scared about that!). However, if you hear this clicking sound repeatedly (even after you’ve turned your system on or off), we recommend calling a repair technician — like the trusted professionals at Rescue Air!

3. Banging

If you hear banging or clanking noises, this often means there’s a part loose (and it’s usually the motor or blower).

This noise won’t get any better, so call your technician right away to figure out the source of the problem and a solution as soon as possible.

4. Buzzing

Buzzing sounds can mean a long list of issues, like loose wiring, broken parts, and unbalanced fan blades. Sometimes, a buzzing sound can simply mean it’s time to replace your air filter. But, if you know you’ve already checked, cleaned, and/or replaced your air filter, it’s time to call a professional.

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