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Should You Cover Your Air Vents?

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Air vents on floor

How can you efficiently heat and cool every room in your home? Many homeowners believe closing their air vents can effectively change the temperature in their home. This is a common misconception — this will only increase the chances of damaging your HVAC system.

Why You Shouldn’t Cover Your Air Vents

It can mess with your system's airflow.

In an HVAC unit, it is best when air flows smoothly throughout the system. Temperature might compromise vents when the excess air is forced to flow in an unnatural direction.

You could waste your money

If air is restricted or blocked from one room in a home, your system will end up working harder to regulate the temperature, creating higher utility bills due to a harder working system.

You could end up damaging your heat exchanger.

Once you block airflow, there will be a buildup of air pressure. This can lead to issues with your heat exchanger — causing the exchanger to crack and lead to carbon monoxide emissions.

It could cause issues with your air duct system.

When an increased amount of air forces it’s way through the duct system, it wears easier. And if a home has older duct material the problem of cracks and possible loose fiber, is even more likely.

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