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Are Dirty Evaporator Coils Causing You Problems?

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Dirty evaporator coils can change the efficiency of your unit, so you must be certain that you have checked those coils. You could call in someone who will help you with the inspection, or you can do it yourself. Look at your options when you are trying to keep your system efficient.

1. The Coils Are Easy To Find

The coils are easy to find when you pull off the panel. You can see the coils right there because they have the coolant flowing through them, but they could be very dusty or dirty. You also need to see if you can reach them yourself. Some are hard to get your hands on, and others are easier to grasp.

2. How Do You Clean Them?

You can clean them yourself by wiping off the dust, or a professional technician could actually remove them tow ash them. It all depends on what you need because some of these coils are in such bad shape that they will need to be cleaned. The dirt might also cover up problems that you cannot see otherwise. You could clean them while the system is running, but you might want to turn it off just to be safe because you do not want to touch any wires.

3. Call A Professional

You must call a professional who will help you take care of the coils and service your system. A professional knows how to help you when you realize that the system is not running the way that it should, and you also need to ask the professional to come back at least once a year for an inspection. You can keep your system working much better, and you will have peace of mind knowing you have kept the devices in good condition.

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