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Keeping Your Pets Safe From Your Heater

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pet next to fan in home

It’s getting chillier in Texas. Fortunately, we have the comfort of our homes’ heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems to keep us and our furry, four-legged friends cozy and warm. However, many pet owners need to be careful when they leave their heating systems on and their pets alone.

Tips to Keep Your Pets Safe From Your Heater

  • Be mindful of the temperature in your home throughout different seasons. In the summer the AC should be around 78-80 degrees. During the winter your AC should be set to 66-68 degrees so that your fur babies don't freeze and the heating bill doesn't exceed the expected amount.

  • It is imperative that you do not allow your pet anywhere near your HVAC equipment.

  • Make sure all small spaces are not accessible. The main way to cover the ac vent entries is to use vent covers.

  • You can also simply block or fence off areas outside or in the house where the equipment is present, including locking doors that allow access to these areas.

  • Last but not least, work with your pet and teach them to stay away from the areas in your home where ac equipment is accessible by using positive reinforcement. If you notice them stay away from that area on their own, offer them a treat. And while working with a dog, use a leash whenever in the yard, making it clear which areas you do not want them to venture to.

  • Lastly, speaking to a veterinarian, pet trainer and technician can help add to these tips and broaden your knowledge on making your pets and your home a safer place.

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