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Is HVAC Duct Cleaning Worth It?

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HVAC Ducts: To Clean or Not to Clean?

Ducts play a vital role in your home's HVAC system, but how often do you really need them cleaned? Professional duct cleaning has become more popular in recent years as homeowners become more educated and involved in routine HVAC maintenance. While many professionals may suggest a duct cleaning as part of an annual tune-up package, is it really worth the price, or should you say no and save your money?

Duct Cleaning Doesn't Always Improve Air Quality

There is no substantial evidence that having your ducts cleaned will improve your indoor air quality. Having your ducts cleaned by a professional won't necessarily reduce the amount of dirt, dust, and toxins in your home. However, clogged ducts can reduce HVAC efficiency, and a strained system won't be able to filter air as well as it should.

When You Should Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Although you may not need to have your ducts cleaned as often as you think, there are certain cases and circumstances that make it a good choice. You should consider calling an HVAC company to clean your ducts if:

  • Your home has recently been remodeled.

  • You have had animal or insect infestations in your ducts or HVAC system.

  • There is mold inside of the ducts.

  • If there are noticeable amounts of hair, dust, and debris in your ducts.

  • If someone in your family is suffering from a respiratory illness and no other attempts to sterilize the air has worked.

Explore Other Ways to Improve Air Quality

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