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Did Your HVAC Break Down?

Serving Families Throughout Dallas

The team at Rescue Air and Plumbing in Richardson, Texas frequently receives inquiries about repair services. Air conditioning systems may sustain a variety of different types of mechanical problems.

If you notice any of these three indications of possible trouble, consider calling us right away:

1. Sluggish Performance

A poor or slow airflow quality indicates the need for repair services. In some cases, an HVAC unit may simply require careful cleaning by a technician. If you notice the AC requires a long time to reach the selected temperature, simply call us. We'll help troubleshoot your system and provide any necessary repair services.

2. Leaks or Wet Floors

Another excellent reason to contact a licensed HVAC repair service concerns leaks. If you observe one (or more) trickles of water leaking from your HVAC unit, consider asking for repair assistance. Exercise caution around electrical cords and electricity if the leak has produced wet floors.

3. Odors

Yet another common sign of HVAC problems relates to unusual odors. For example, if the HVAC equipment re-circulates stale air, household vents and ducts may require professional cleaning services. We offer skilled duct cleaning. We've invested in the specialized tools and equipment required to reach and clean narrow interior AC ducts. (Most household cleaning tools simply cannot effectively remove dirt and other debris from these hard-to-access locations).

Does your HVAC system require some attention? Remember, we offer fast, dependable service. Contact Rescue Air and Plumbing at any hour to schedule a service appointment. Simply call 972-201-3253 for swift, knowledgeable HVAC installation, maintenance, or repair assistance. We look forward to helping you!