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3 Reasons To Invest in a Routine HVAC Unit Inspection

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We recommend having an HVAC inspection twice each year in order to keep your system well maintained and stop potential problems or repairs. Here are three ways that our services can help you.

1. Remaining Comfortable in Cold or Hot Temperatures

If you have a routine heating and cooling inspection, then you are less likely to need an emergency repair during the winter or the summer. Air conditioners and furnaces tend to stop working on the hottest or coldest days and nights, but when a knowledgeable technician works on the climate-control equipment, he can make repairs before a malfunction occurs.

2. Improve the Air Quality in a Home

When our expert technicians work on air conditioners or furnaces, changing the air filters in the climate-control devices is one of the services provided. A technician will also inspect the interior and exterior venting systems to look for blockages that are preventing the proper circulation of air. This service can improve the air quality in a home to prevent foul odors and allergic reactions to household dust, pollen and pet dander.

3. Saving Money on a Monthly Cooling or Heating Bill

To save money on a monthly heating or cooling bill, we recommend having furnace and air conditioner tune-ups during the spring and autumn before homeowners must begin to use the climate-control devices. In addition to changing the filters, we clean the components on the air conditioner or furnace.

Schedule an Appointment with Rescue Air

At Rescue Air Heating and Cooling in Texas, we offer routine inspections at private residences in the Dallas and Richardson areas. Customers can schedule a routine furnace and air conditioner inspection during the day, but we also offer emergency repairs on a 24-hour basis. Call us today at 972-201-3253 to schedule an appointment for a furnace or air conditioner inspection.