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New Year's Resolutions for Your Home

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2020 New Year’s Resolutions for Improved Home Care

It's the time of year to consider our New Year's resolutions. Often, we focus on personal health and fitness habits, but New Year's resolutions for your home are also a great way to start 2020.

Here are some resolutions to consider:

1. Declutter and Simplify

You’ll find that your home is more efficient and comfortable when it isn’t full of things that are no longer useful or necessary for you to keep. Take the time to clean out your home and get rid of any material items that are broken or that you simply won’t use again.

Don’t dump everything in the trash can, however. Pay it forward by donating items to charities that can distribute them to needy families, such as:

  • Clothes

  • Old appliances such as air conditioning units (so long as they work)

  • Computers or tablets

  • Toys

Living more naturally and with fewer things has the added benefit of reducing the amount of dust your air ducts will need to filter out, and you may even find yourself less stressed.

2. Check Your Appliances

Is your HVAC system working as efficiently as possible? Have radon and carbon monoxide monitors been installed or checked? How about your air ducts — when was the last time they were cleaned? These systems make your home a healthier and better environment. When working correctly, these systems can reduce your monthly bills. If you can’t remember the last time your heating and cooling system was checked, it’s probably time to schedule a professional maintenance appointment.

3. Spruce Up With Color

If a little cosmetic change is what you seek, it can be as simple as rearranging the furniture, buying slipcovers to cover older pieces, painting the walls, or even buying plants. All of these suggestions do not need to be costly, but they will add to the happiness and comfort you have in your home. Additionally, buying houseplants can help clean your indoor air and keep you healthy.

These New Year's resolutions for your home do not need to involve spending large sums of money, but you will need to invest time to make them happen. Feeling better about your home will contribute to your overall health and well-being. If you need help maintaining any of your systems this winter, contact our professionals at Rescue Air and Plumbing for an appointment. (972) 201-3253