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What Are Packaged Units?

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How Your Home Can Benefit From a Packaged Unit

The sizes of homes in America have been trending smaller in recent years. People opting for more modest homes may quickly discover they need to be creative in using their interior space with maximum efficiency — this includes finding the most efficient way to cool and heat their homes.

One of the best ways to save space is to move a home’s heating and cooling system outside the house. Such exterior units are called packaged units. Read on to learn if these systems may be beneficial for your home.

How Do Packaged Systems Work?

Packaged units are all-in-one heating and cooling systems that can be placed on the roof or the ground near an outside wall of the house. They are linked to the ductwork inside the home through a small wall opening. The advantages of this kind of heating system go beyond saving space:

  • Easier maintenance. Handling maintenance is more straightforward with a packaged unit because technicians can access them more easily.

  • Streamlined design and fewer breakdowns. These units also tend to be more simplified in design. That means less can go wrong with them in the first place. But if problems do occur, the repair is easier.

  • Energy savings. Packaged units may result in lower utility bills because of increased efficiency inherent in their design. They also save money because installation is far easier.

  • Large space interior cooling and heating. Packaged units can heat and cool large interior spaces for what is often a fraction of the cost of traditional units.


There are four different configurations of package units. Briefly, they are:

  • Electric air conditioner and gas heat

  • Heat pump package

  • Air condition package unit

  • Hybrid units


To find out more about switching to a packaged unit system in your home, contact our experienced technicians at Rescue Air. Give us a call at (972) 201-3253 or use our online form for a quick response.