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4 Things Every Gen Z Jobseeker Should Know About the Trades

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For years, a four-year college degree was considered the gold standard path to success. But with the shifting economic and social environment in recent years, Gen Z teens have had to reevaluate their plans and reconsider pursuing a four-year degree. Sound familiar? If this is the boat you've found yourself in as a young jobseeker, you're not alone.

The good news is that lucrative careers exist in areas you have yet to consider, such as plumbing and HVAC. Have you thought about these opportunities before? If not, keep reading to learn why you may want to have another look at a career in the trades.


Recent surveys conducted by ECMC Group and VICE Media have revealed these top three concerns among Gen Z teens today:

  1. Graduating with a high amount of debt (50%)
  2. Not getting a job after they graduate (44%)
  3. Not being prepared for a job after school ends (40%)

Unsurprisingly, with tuition costs sky-high, only slightly more than half of Gen Z teens are now considering a four-year college degree as an option. The surveys also reveal that 62% of these high school students want to forge their own educational path — but the glaring problem is that the majority (63%) feel uninformed about all of their postsecondary schooling options due to a lack of information from their schools.


Thinking back to high school, how often were you and your peers talked to about becoming professional contractors? Was trade school ever presented as a postsecondary schooling option? If not, now is the time to gather information about what could be your best career move.

You Don't Need A College Degree to Pursue a Viable Career in the Trades

When considering a career in the trades, one of the primary benefits is that pursuing this path does not require spending thousands on tuition and student loans. There is no need to be shackled in debt for decades to come. Instead, trade schools provide vocational training or apprenticeships, which are typically far more affordable than traditional college.

Not Enough People Are Choosing Careers In the Trades

The trades are experiencing a talent shortage — so there’s a need for people just like you! As older generations of plumbers and HVAC technicians retire, they take their skills with them — creating a void that needs to be filled by Gen Z workers. This means there's plenty of opportunity for young jobseekers to enter the trades and shape their career.

You Can Start Working Quickly — No College Debt Required!

Unlike many other career paths requiring years of costly higher education, the trades offer you a chance to start immediately. You can gain hands-on experience in entry-level positions and take specific classes or programs to hone your skills.

You Can Earn Good Money, and There Is Potential for Growth in a Major Way

According to recent information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for a career in the trades ranges from 50,000 dollars to upwards of 70,000 dollars. However, a six-figure salary is not unheard of for productive individuals who become an expert in their trade. Plus, there is a huge potential for career growth. We're not just talking about a promotion from apprentice to master. You can eventually own your own business.

Check out this short news segment featuring our very own home services giant, Roger Wakefield, as he talks about the labor shortage and how you can make a successful career in this area.


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