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Why Texas is One of the Best States for Solar Energy

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As the U.S. makes moves toward environmentally friendly initiatives, both consumer and commercial, the demand for solar power has grown vastly, and Texas has stepped up to the plate. The State Energy Conversation Offices (SECO), ranked Texas first in solar energy potential and tenth in solar energy production in 2018.

American homes are making the switch to ‘go green’ and rely on solar energy for their electric, heating, and cooling needs. In Texas, solar energy is used for many of the major electric needs of each municipality, including powering homes, school crosswalk warning signs, water pumping systems, and more.

Everything’s Bigger in Texas: 3 of the Nation’s Top 10 Cities for Solar Potential

Solar energy is our modern-day ‘gold rush’ from the sun, and there are three main cities that are helping to make Texas the place to be for green energy:

Houston, TX:

Houston is the country’s fourth most popular city, with over two million residents. It’s home to great culture, food, and of course, NASA. But Houston has made a new name for itself by adopting solar as its energy source of the future. According to Google’s Project Sunroof, a program which shows how much money homeowners can save by installing solar panels, Houston could generate enough solar energy to power 1.7 million homes annually!

Currently, there are more than 100 Houston-based companies involved in the solar industry, and the number keeps growing.

San Antonio, TX:

San Antonio has long influenced cities to rise to its standards for developmental success. By adding solar energy to its list of specialties, San Antonio is launching its future-forward full throttle.

Due to its high level of solar potential, San Antonio could offset over 5.2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Put into perspective, that’s like 1.1 million passenger cars being taken off the road annually.

Dallas, TX:

As it becomes more of a common option, the price of household solar power has dropped significantly. .Solar companies in Dallas have worked to give their customers high quality, low price experience and have proved to be some of the best managed solar companies in the industry.

With more options for those looking to make their homes greener, Dallas also has seen a rise in property values overall, adding to the rise of their real estate market. Studies have shown that homes with solar sell 15% faster than homes without solar.

Considering Solar Energy in Texas?

Solar energy is the greener power option that offers the chance for tax rebates and higher property values.

Rescue Air is proud to provide SolarWorld solar systems to our customers. The average American household uses 920 kWh per month. SolarWorld’s average installation accounts for an impressive 840 kWh per month. The average American household uses 920 kWh per month. SolarWorld’s average installation accounts for an impressive 840 kWh per month.

Why consume energy when you can generate energy? Contact us today to set up your consultation and join Texas’ biggest green initiative!