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How to Make Your Home Smell Good

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There’s something about walking into your home at the end of the day and smelling a clean, fresh scent that brings a feeling of peace and calm. Or maybe it brings you back to a certain memory or place (remember the smell of your grandma’s famous apple pie?)

You can create the same effect in your home without heavy smelling, perfume-based commercial products, and we’ve got a few of the best recipes:

1. Make a Stove Simmer

Simmer water in a small pan and add your favorite citrus slices and herbs. You can create your own unique scent by playing around with the ingredients. A few of our favorites include:

  • Grapefruit, lemon, and lavender for summer months.

  • Cinnamon, orange, peppermint, and thyme to warm your home in the winter months.

You can include anything you want, besides the kitchen sink. Heating these items releases a sweet scent throughout your house, and is an easy trick if you know the company is coming! You can store these ingredients to use a few times repeatedly, or make a new batch every time.

2. Make Your Own Mason Jar Scent Jars

These are similar to the stove simmer method, but they go in mason jars, are easily portable, and make great personable gifts. Just add your simmering water to a pan and a few more ingredients, like dried apples, and once cooled pour into jars to keep your home sweet for the holidays. You can even poke holes in the lids to create a stronger smell.

3. Place Candles Strategically

Candles are a given way to make your home smell great, but the placement really affects how much you can smell them around your home. You can place candles where you would least expect, like a linen closet, dresser, or anywhere close might live - but don’t light them! Not only will this create a nice surprise every time you open your door or drawer, but it will allow fabrics to absorb the scents too.

This method really gives you the freedom to choose what scents you want in your home and allows you to add some style to each room too.

4. Bring the Outside In

Indoor plants can clean the air in your home, improve air quality, and offer pleasant fragrances too. Plants such as geraniums, jasmine, eucalyptus, gardenias, orchids, and oregano are some great options. Place them in rooms that are common living spaces such as your living room, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

5. Turn on the Oven

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked goods. When you know the company is coming over, you may want to plan to add a dessert to the menu such as banana bread or cinnamon rolls. They taste delicious, and smell it too!

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