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Signs Your HVAC Unit Is The Wrong Size

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As HVAC professionals, we know just how difficult it can be to find the right size for your HVAC unit. In order to help with complications that can occur due to this, we have compiled a list of signs that you need a different size for your home or commercial business building:

Runs All The Time

If the HVAC unit is continuously running, then the unit is failing to keep the building at the temperature intended. This can lead to higher bills because the smaller HVAC unit is trying too hard to perform its job.

Restarting Too Often

HVAC units tend to turn off and back on again if the unit is too large and gets the building to its desired temperature too quickly. Similar to a car getting fewer miles per gallon in city traffic where it has to start and stop, the unit can begin suffering wear and tear from the energy required to restart.

Needs Repairs

These units are designed to last for 10 to 15 years, so if it is constantly under repair then that is a sign that the unit is not properly sized for the building. This wear and tear can be caused by restarting, leading to more costs than simply buying a new unit that can perform its job efficiently and effectively.

Humid Air

If the air within the building is too humid, then it means that the HVAC unit is large. A large HVAC unit frequently reaches the temperature too quickly, shuts off, and therefore does not have a chance to dehumidify the air in time.

These complications affect both commercial and home buildings, and it is important that you recognize them as soon as possible. Contact us today for repairs or replacements!