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What is a Packaged HVAC System?

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Typically, you'll find HVAC systems that include an indoor and an outdoor unit — otherwise known as a split system. Packaged HVAC systems, however, are more compact, including all of the indoor and outdoor components of a split system, in one case.

3 Benefits of a Packaged HVAC System

1. They are versatile

Packaged HVAC systems can be installed on your roof, next to your home's foundation, or even in a window. They are also many types of packaged systems available, including a packaged air conditioner, heat pump, dual fuel, and a gas-electric system. And there's even plenty of sizes available!

2. Easy to install

Packaged HVAC systems come assembled, so installation is quick and fairly inexpensive (since labor costs are typically associated with installation).

3. Increases home value.

A packaged HVAC system can lower your utility bills, increase indoor storage space, and provide better indoor air quality all very enticing qualities to a potential home buyer.

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