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Questions To Ask Before Your AC Installation

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Technician Checking Outdoor AC Unit

Your air conditioner isn’t as tough as it looks. Over time it gets dirty, dusty, and just simply worn down. Fortunately, saying goodbye to your old system isn’t a bad thing — you’ll actually end up saving more energy and money than ever before. When it’s finally time to call for a replacement, here are a few questions to ask your potential HVAC technician.

1. What Size or Capacity System Do I Need?

How do you determine the size of the unit needed? Which size properly cools my home? You’ll want to watch for a contractor who measures your entire house, gathering all insulation R-values, window types, duct leakage, and more.

2. Can The Current Ductwork Be Used?

Also, what is the condition of my existing ductwork? Are there any leaks? Should my ductwork be cleaned before or during the installation? You’re paying a decent amount of money to run your system monthly, so you don’t want to waste that cooling through your ducts.

3. Is Your Company Bonded and Insured?

Will you be able to provide proof? As well as your estimate and terms and conditions in writing?

4. What is The Timetable For The Installation?

How long will it take you from start to finish? Do you haul away the old unit and is that included in your fee? Is clean-up included?

5. Are They Following ACCA Standards?

If you want to make sure your contractor is getting the job done correctly, head over to the ACCA website and download their Quality HVAC Installation Checklist.

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