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Introduction To Your Lennox Thermostat

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Can you control your home’s temperature on your phone? What about when you walk out of your front door? With Lennox thermostats, you can — which is why Lennox is a top choice when it comes to controlling your home’s climate. Take a closer look at why we find Lennox to be the leading brand in home comfort.

Lennox Thermostats Key Features

There are a few features that distinguish Lennox thermostats from the rest, including:

Schedule IQ

Lennox thermostats are also considered learning thermostats. In just one to two weeks, the Schedule IQ technology can learn your schedule pretty well. If you make any changes to your temperature throughout the day, the Lennox models will then log the change and time and incorporate the changes, so they occur automatically from that point on.

Smart Away

When you turn your Lennox thermostats GPS-enhanced technology on, your phone’s GPS signals the app that you are leaving your home or returning, and will adjust your home’s temperature accordingly. Saving money and energy on heating and cooling doesn’t get much easier!


The Lennox thermostat has a touchscreen display that gives you access to a 5-day weather forecast and live weather alerts.

Amazon Alexa

The iComfort S30 and E30 both work with Amazon, so you can have Alexa control your temperature settings.

Energy Use Reports

The iComfort S30, ComfortSense 7500, and ComfortSense 5500 all provide you with energy reports, allowing you to track your month-over-month energy usage.

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