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New Homeowner Maintenance Tips and Advice

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New homeowners painting home walls

If you’re a new homeowner, we have one thing to say to you — congratulations!

Becoming a homeowner is one of the most exciting times in a person’s life. But, it’s also one of the most stressful. If you’re now in charge of things you never thought twice about while living at home with mom and dad (i.e., taking out the trash, the plumbing, and paying bills), we’ve got a few pieces of advice that will ease your transition into homeownership. Below are the first things every new homeowner should do day one in their new homes.

New Homeowner Maintenance Tips

  1. Fix any major repairs that have to be done before unpacking or decorating.

  2. Change your address.

  3. Change the locks.

  4. Then make a spare key for your new locks.

  5. Learn where your shut off valve and meter are.

  6. Create a seasonal home maintenance check to keep things like air duct cleanings and routine plumbing maintenance from being forgotten.

  7. Check how well your attic is insulated. If it’s not insulated well, make that priority #1.

  8. Throw a blanket over your water heater (and by blanket we mean a cover specifically approved and safe to lay over a water heater, not your old comforter).

  9. Install ceiling fans in rooms you plan on using the most.

  10. Double and triple check that your pipes are insulated.

  11. Install a programmable thermostat, then make sure you actually learn how to use it.

  12. Schedule an immediate air duct cleaning to ensure you’re starting off homeownership with your best foot forward.

  13. Check all toilets and faucets for minor leaks. If you find any, call a plumber right away.

  14. Spend a little more upfront on energy-efficient appliances. You’ll reap the benefits over time, trust us.

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