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Easy Ways To Keep Allergens Out of Your Home

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If years of runny noses and itchy eyes have caused you to shriek at the phrase “spring has sprung,” we’ve got good news for you! With the right cleaning methods and a little strategic planning, every home can be free of spring allergies this season. Keep allergens outside where they belong by:

Taking your shoes off.

Take your shoes off before you even step foot in your home. Even shoes left in the closet can contribute to poor air quality for those with allergies. Place a rimmed mat outside of your home and leave your shoes there whenever you can.

Change your clothes.

If you’re severely affected by allergies, change your clothes after a day out. Even once you come in, pollen and animal dander stuck to your clothes can affect your breathing.

Embrace your washing machine.

Those going out clothes you just took off? It’s time for them to head straight to the washing machine.

Clean your air ducts.

There’s no sense in cleaning your home every day if you ignore the vents in your home that push air from room to room. And not only will a duct cleaning help you breathe easier, it’ll allow your system to run more efficiently, which saves you money.

Invest in a good duster.

Feather dusters are a thing of the past. This year, get yourself a microfiber duster that really traps and locks dust and is disposable.

Keep track of your home’s humidity levels.

The humidity in your home should be between 30 and 50%. If your humidity is higher than that, you may be unknowingly breeding more germs, bacteria, and mold.

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