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How to Prevent Fall Allergies

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Fall is in full swing, and we’re enjoying every minute of it. That is, until our seasonal allergies start acting up. This can put a real damper on the cooler weather and fun holiday season. Luckily, we have a few tips to help you get through the fall and winter, without a trip to the doctors office.

Keep your windows closed!

It’s never a bad idea to air out your home every once in a while to prevent stuffiness. But, don’t overdo it. Opening your windows and doors lets allergens right into your home without being treated by your HVAC first. Try turning your thermostat to the ON fan position instead for a few minutes.

Change your furnace filter.

It’s important to keep your furnace filters fresh and clean since it’s your first line of defense against allergens.

Get your ducts cleaned.

When was the last time you had your ducts cleaned? Lots of dust, dirt, and insects could be lurking inside. So now’s the time to make the call to your contractor to come and clean your ductwork.

Keep your home clean.

Dust and allergens can accumulate quickly around your home. But if you regularly dust, and keep things clean and organized, you have a better chance to stay healthy — even throughout the cool winter season.

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