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Why You Should Leave Vents and Registers Open

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Everyone wants to save a dollar here and there. And since heating and cooling makes up roughly half of our energy bills, homeowners tend to start there. Lowering the thermostat can help, but closing the vents in unused rooms does not! Here’s why you should leave your vents and registers open in your home.

Pressure Problems

Your system is sized to fit the needs of your home. The amount of air that the fan can move is suited to the flow rate of the ventilation system and size of your home. With that being said, you can’t effectively heat or cool your space if you reduce the airflow by closing the vents.

Heat Backup

When airflow is reduced, hot air moves at a lower rate, leading to colder rooms. This will also inevitably lead to you leaving your furnace on for a longer time period. And leaving your furnace on for too long can increase your chances of cracking the heating coil or exchanger.

Alternative Options

  • Adjust the thermostat so your system operates less.
  • Leave doors to extreme temperature rooms open to help distribute heat evenly.
  • Use a ceiling fan to circulate existing air.
  • Test your system to see if it’s more beneficial to upgrade to a more energy efficient unit.

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