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Working with Your Programmable Thermostat for Peak Cost Savings

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A programmable thermostat can really help homeowners save money. Unfortunately, few take the time to use them. One study reveals that 90 percent of homeowners who have programmable thermostats never program them because they don’t know how. It’s really not that difficult and it is definitely worth doing. It could save you about 15 percent a year of your energy costs.

The first thing to do is find a thermostat that fits your needs. There are four basic types. The first type allows for programming different heating or cooling settings for each day of the week. It gives you the most flexibility. Cost range is between $55 and $125.

Another type allows for a five-day block setting rather than daily settings and additional different settings for Saturday and Sunday. These types of thermostats average around $35 to $80.

A third type also gives you the five-day block setting, but allows only one heating or cooling schedule for both Saturday and Sunday. This runs around $30.

And the fourth type only allows you to set one heating and cooling schedule for the entire week. This thermostat costs around $20.

Most of the programmable thermostats are already programmed when you buy them according to a schedule of some hypothetical, typical family. But you will probably want to change that. You usually will need to look at four settings – daytime (wake), night time (sleep), leaving time and returning time.

To get the most in energy savings during winter, you should set the thermostat at 68 degrees for daytime hours when you are up and about. Then, lower the temperature setting to between 53 and 58 for when you are sleeping or when you go out.

In the summer, when you are home, set the temperature for 78 degrees. During cooler days when you don’t need the air conditioning, you can manually turn off the thermostat. It will automatically go back on if the temperature goes above 78. You can also program the thermostat to shut off the air conditioning when you leave the house.

Program the thermostat to turn off the heat or air conditioning 20 to 30 minutes before you leave the house each day and to turn back on about 20 to 30 minutes before you come home.
Program the system to lower the heat or cooling about an hour before you go to bed and to turn on the heat or air about 30 minutes before you get up.

For more information about installing programmable thermostats and how they can help you save energy and the costs associated with your energy, contact Rescue Air and Plumbing at (972) 201-3253.