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4 Benefits of Signing Up for an HVAC Maintenance Plan

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If you are putting in a new HVAC system or having one repaired, the service person may talk to you about getting an HVAC maintenance agreement. This is a plan where you pay a fee at regular intervals, and the company then provides ongoing service for your system.

The service generally covers checkups and tune-ups, which focus on your heating system at the onset of winter and cooling system just before summer. The more services that are provided, the higher the fee.

What are the benefits of signing on for an HVAC maintenance plan?

1. Ongoing service.
A maintenance plan will include an annual tune-up of your system, which will improve its performance and efficiency. The technician will change filters and be able to spot any other problems so that the system will run smoothly. Regular checkups will ensure that your system gives you uniform heating and cooling, avoiding any sudden increase in prices.

Because a technician will inspect your system routinely, he will be able to spot problems while they are still little and easy to fix.

As part of the maintenance agreement, the inspections are scheduled by the company, so the homeowner does not have to worry about when to do it. Moreover, some warranties are void if the system has not been regularly maintained, so regular checkups keep the warranty valid.

With ongoing maintenance, you know who is working on your system, and you can get to know the technician. Likewise, the technician can get to know your system as well and how to best service it.

Moreover, with regular maintenance, air filters and rinsing coils are replaced often, which prevents buildup of allergens, dust and dirt particles in the system, so you get better air quality.

2. Longer life.
If your HVAC system is serviced regularly, it can last from 15 to 20 years. But that is only if the system is properly maintained. If it is not serviced on a regular basis, it may only last half as long.

3. Potential financial savings.
Some plans include discounts on repair work. Parts and labor may not cost as much. Also, if your system is maintained well and running efficiently, it will use less energy, which also will result in lower costs.

4. Prompt service. 
If you are on a maintenance plan, you receive priority in scheduling for service. This can be a life saver during the busy summer months, or during a cold snap when many heating systems need emergency repair.

Rescue Air and Plumbing offers an affordable and WHAT service club membership plan. For just $11.95 a month a membership with us guarantees appointments, provides regular service maintenance services and discounts on repairs. We offer a guarantee that your repair is “Fixed Right or It’s FREE®.”

Call us at (972) 201-3253 for more information on our maintenance plan or on our HVAC services in general. We look forward to hearing from you!