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Tips From The Pros: How To Stay Cool In The Kitchen

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The temperatures are at an all-time high this summer, and they’re only going to keep rising. Cooking over a hot stove only adds to the misery of this steamy season. Luckily, we have a few tips from some professional chefs to help!

Use minimal heat. Avoid using your oven or stove top. Instead, try to use toaster ovens and induction stoves, which both produce less heat. And while you’re cooking, turn on your exhaust fan to send warm air outside.

Cook with fresh ingredients. Incorporate foods into your meals that don’t need heating, such as fresh salad and fruits. Also, add light ingredients like oils and vinegars so you don’t feel so bloated after meals.

Time it out. If possible, try to cook in the morning, when the temperatures are cooler. By late afternoon, you should be able to get back in the kitchen to finish anything needed for your meals.

Prep for quick cooking. Slice your ingredients into small pieces that won’t need as much time to cook (reducing the heat in your kitchen). You can also prepare foods in advance or on cooler days — freeze them to reheat later on.

Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water while cooking. It’s always important to keep your body cool and hydrated!

Dallas summers are notorious for their heat and humidity. Fight back against high AC costs by following the tips above and by calling upon Rescue Air and Plumbing to check out your unit to make sure it’s working at peak efficiency. Contact us at (972) 201-3253 for an appointment.