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An easy way to cut your home energy costs by a lot!

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Take a second today and save yourself some $. I wanted to share a with you an easy way to cut your home energy costs by a lot!!. Your gonna be happy you took a second and did this!

This is a picture of my personal electric bill emailed weekly by Reliant.

Reliant electric bill screenshot

I want to emphasize how much $ you can save by making a few smart moves. My Reliant plan sends me a weekly usage email and has my usage down to $69.09 this month and only $83.63 last month.

My previous bills had never been under $200 (and topped $350)!

There are 3 changes I made to create the savings.

  1. I went to to find the best plans on electric and renegotiated my electric bill down a few cents per kw with a longer term fixed rate plan. (FREE!)
  2. I replace the highest use areas’ light bulbs in my home with LED bulbs (takes my bulbs from 75w each to 15w each).
  3. I replaced both of my Heating and AC systems with new high-efficiency systems.

I anticipate I will save between $1600 and $2000 this year!

This is a real pic of my electric bill! My home is 2500 sq feet with a 4 ton and 2 ton HVAC system and installed 26 LED bulbs at $10 bucks each.

Stop sending the power companies your hard earned $. We are here to help so feel free to give us a call. We can come perform a free home energy audit! — at Rescue Air and Plumbing.