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Get Your AC Ready For Spring And Summer With These 4 Tips

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Nothing can save you more money and reduce your summer hassles more than taking the right preventative maintenance steps in the spring to make sure your air conditioning maintenance is up to date.

Choose a competent air conditioning service company like us to handle your maintenance — and take some smart actions yourself. Then you’ll be well on your way to enjoying yourself, your home and your family as things heat up outside.

Here are four intelligent tips for getting your air conditioner ready for spring and summer:

1. Make sure it works. Just because the heater has been working all summer doesn’t mean the AC will come on as it should. Before you’re in dire need of some cool air, turn the system on and see if it’s fully functional. That means checking vents for cool air and listening for any strange sounds that might be a sign of an impending system failure. See if the delay before the unit comes on is longer than expected. These can all be indications that a system needs some air conditioning service.

2. Clean or change filters. Before you turn the system on, makes sure filters are clean and in good order. So many people never think to do this, but failing to keep filters clean and changed can derail all other efforts, cost you more in cooling costs and lead to the premature failure of your HVAC system. Clean or change as often as the manufacturer suggest or even more often if necessary.

3. Get debris away from and out of the condenser. Grass from mowing, weeds, dust and twigs love to find their way into and around the outdoor unit. With the system off, sweep away obvious debris and make sure the fan blades and coils are clean. Use a dry cloth if necessary. There are also commercial cleaners for condenser coils that you can find at hardware stores and home centers.

4. Have the professionals out. There’s no substitute for professional air conditioning maintenance. Spring is a great time to have us out and make sure everything is working — before you need it. Waiting until the hottest day of the year often means delays because of our busy schedule, and that could leave you in the heat for hours.

A responsible homeowner takes care of his or her home and property, and that means taking good care of the HVAC system by having a tune up before the weather gets unbearably hot.