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Aprilaire’s 3-Pronged Approach to Reducing Airborne Viruses & Pollutants

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With a 66-year history, Wisconsin-based company Aprilaire describes itself as “committed to providing innovative indoor air quality solutions through research, engineering, product refinement, and practical experience.” By pursuing this goal, Aprilaire has zeroed in on what’s required to reduce the spread of viruses, pollutants, and other contaminants in a home’s air:

  • effective air filtration;

  • fresh air ventilation;

  • and humidity control.

1. Air Filtration

Everyone knows that viruses and bacteria are microscopic, but just how small are they? Virus sizes are measured in microns. A micron (short for micrometer) is one-millionth of a meter. As a point of reference, human hairs are typically 50 to 70 microns across. A human red blood cell is approximately 5 microns across. Most viruses range from 0.03 to 0.3 microns, and bacteria generally range from 0.2 to 3 microns.

When you’re dealing with such tiny contagions, you need a high-efficiency filter to capture them. With this in mind, Aprilaire designed their MERV 16 Allergy & Asthma Filters with enough efficiency to capture up to 96% of airborne, virus-sized particles.

2. Ventilation

According to the EPA, indoor air is often two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Homes nowadays are built to be more energy-efficient but “breathe less” as a result.

  • Many homes are not equipped with adequate mechanical ventilation.

  • Many homes contain products that release pollutants, including household cleaners and furniture made of pressed wood and synthetic materials.

To combat high concentrations of indoor air pollutants, Aprilaire offers ventilation systems that utilize your HVAC system’s existing ductwork to bring fresh air to each room of your home. This can be especially beneficial for rooms without any windows.

3. Humidity

Have you ever wondered why “cold and flu season” seems to coincide with the colder months of the year? It’s not only because of lower temperatures: it’s because with the drop in heat comes a drop in humidity. Research shows that cold temperatures and low humidity provide a prime environment for the transmission of viruses like influenza.

With the ability to control your home’s humidity, you’re able to create an environment where it’s harder for viruses to survive. Aprilaire humidifiers offer full coverage to homes up to 4,000 square feet and allow you to set your home’s humidity to your preferred level. Aprilaire experts recommend between 30% to 60% to minimize virus survival rates.

Let our family take care of your family. To learn more about what you can do to improve your home’s indoor air quality, give our friendly team at Rescue Air and Plumbing a call today: (972) 201-3253.