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Different Types of Air Conditioners

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What is the right type of air conditioning system for your home?

Choosing the right type of air conditioning may seem to be a simple process, particularly when building a new home. Nearly all new large homes will come equipped with central air conditioning. This type of air conditioning circulates cool air throughout a home by using ducts and registers. It is the most efficient type of air conditioning and it is vital for any large home, especially in the heat of a North Texas summer. While a great option for many homes, central air is not the only type. There are many others. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most common:

Window Air Conditioners

Window units are used to cool a single room of a house. It is a compact version of a central system, with the compressor and other components contained in a single unit. It blows hot air out of a room through the back of the unit and emits cold air through the front. Window units are a poor choice for large areas and also are not aesthetically pleasing for many people.

Ductless Mini-split Systems

These units also use both indoor and outdoor components. They perform many of the same functions as a window unit but are more efficient and less obtrusive. This could be a nice solution as a retrofit for older homes built without central air. Replacing a ductless system with a mini-split could be much more expensive but it will likely save on monthly energy bills.

Portable Air Conditioners

These perform exactly like window units, except they are ventilated by a hose connected to a window. The advantage these units have are their versatility. They are not meant to cool large areas.

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