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Which Air Conditioner Is Best For My Home?

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Looking to beat the Texas heat this summer? You’ll want to choose your air conditioner wisely. An air conditioner that’s too small will struggle to cool a room. One that’s too big cools so quickly that it leaves you with a cold, clammy space. According to the experts here at Rescue Air, here's what you should consider.


Systems that have very good or excellent noise test are so quiet that the only sound you'll hear is the fan running. If you are a light sleeper, systems that scored fair might distract you if it's set on high.

Window Location

If you are thinking about installing a window air conditioner, know that they generally do a better job blowing air in one direction. And if your window isn't centered on the wall, that can be a problem. If you want to uniformly air the room, you will need a central air system.


To get the most from your air conditioner, it must be installed properly. With casement windows, you will want a wall air conditioner, but make sure your window unit is level, so it drains correctly.


You will want to make sure you can easily reach the filters once you place your air conditioner in your home. Cleaning, and replacing your air filters is something you'll be doing frequently to keep the system in Tip-Top condition.


Check the manufacturer's website for information on the systems warranty. Depending on the brand and model of your air conditioner, the warranty will be different. Your local HVAC technician should also be able to help you.

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