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How to Handle a Heat Wave

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As we all know, Texas is in a heatwave state of mind — and it shows no signs of dropping below 90 anytime soon.

So what are some of the best ways to stay cool?

Clean your outdoor condenser!

In order to maximize your air flow on the heat rejection end, you need to clean your condenser as much as possible. The more heat that’s rejected from your condenser, the more heat your system can absorb from the inside of your home.

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You should also close your blinds and curtains

Closing your blinds or curtains can reduce the sunlight scorching through your windows. This can completely change the temperature in your home, and keep your AC working less at a steady temperature.

Make use of your ceiling fans.

You’re going to be using your AC a lot within the next month, so why not save some energy and money by turning on your ceiling fan as well? Just be sure to run your ceiling fans counterclockwise (when looking up) to keep you cool throughout the day. Doing this will allow you to set a higher temperature on your thermostat.

Turn the thermostat temperature down a few degrees at night.

This will help you sleep way better (your AC will work less to cool your home during evening hours anyway).

Clean your AC filters.

Your filter can get pretty dirty during a heatwave (since we’re all using our systems on overdrive). By cleaning and/or changing your air filter, air will easily flow through your system, helping it run more efficiently.

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If you need help during this Texas heatwave, please don’t hesitate to contact Rescue Air and Plumbing at (972) 201-3253.