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7 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Club Membership

Serving Families Throughout Dallas

At Rescue Air, nothing is more important to us than serving you as quickly and as fairly as possible. When the heat fails or the air stops, we’re first on the scene, ready to ‘rescue’ our customers. And when you’re apart of our Club Membership program, there’s even more benefits.

7 Reasons Why You Should Join Our Club Membership

1. Exclusive Discounts

  • 15% discount on all services & repairs.
  • 10% discount on IAQ products or duct cleaning.
  • $19.95 service fee vs. $89 for non-members.
  • NO OVERTIME rates for nights and weekends.

2. Front-of-the-Line Priority Service

Our club members’ needs are addressed within 24 hours.

3. No More Unexpected Breakdowns

  • Equipment Problem Alerts inform both you and us of any problems before they cause a breakdown and require costly repairs.
  • 81% of alerts are for preventative issues that can be addressed before the system begins to fail.

4. Reduce Your Utility Bills

Efficiency Loss Notifications notify us the minute your system shows a significant loss.

5. Complete System Rejuvenation

  • An expert technician will inspect, clean, adjust, and lubricate your system to help ensure it operates at peak condition.
  • Two Tune-Ups per year.* Your system will be tuned up as frequently as it needs to keep it running at its best.

6. Maximize the Life of Your System

Proper operation allows the system to function as intended, avoiding premature aging and replacement.

7. Keeps Your Equipment Warranty Valid

Your system’s warranty becomes voided without proper maintenance as stated in your manufacturer’s installation manual.

For more information on about our Club Membership, contact us today at (972) 201-3253!