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Spooky Stories: Is Your HVAC Haunting Your Home?

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Are you noticing any doors closing randomly in your home or loud wailing sounds? Are your rooms hot one minute and chilly the next? Your home may be haunted — or is it just your HVAC?

The Creepy Closing Door

Have you ever heard your door creak slowly shut when no one was around? Due to the layout of HVAC systems in homes across the U.S., this is something many homeowners deal with regularly. But it’s typically due to a fan — not a supernatural being. Pressure imbalances can lead to what’s called an “airflow competition.” Central return systems continued with interior door closure can cause marginally open doors to shut, simply by the fan in the air-handling equipment coming on.

Loud, Haunting Sounding Registers

Sometimes, your home can make a scary wailing sound, just like those heard in haunted-house movies. But don’t be afraid, those mysterious wails are coming from your HVAC — your grilles and registers to be more exact. As air passes through the vanes, a wailing sound is produced due to the speed of the air. Performance-grade grilles and registers reduce noise issues that drive you crazy — and your local HVAC tech can help with that.

Hot and Chilly Rooms

Are the rooms in your home comfortable one minute, then unbearable the next? There are two main reasons this may be occurring, and it has nothing to do with ghosts appearing. Hot and chilly rooms are related to duct losses and room surface temperatures impacted over the course of the day.

You won’t be spooked from your system after Rescue Air and Plumbing’s twice a year services — plus, the chances of your unit suffering a major breakdown will drastically decrease. If you want to learn more about our air conditioning service in Dallas, TX, please give us a call at (972) 201-3253. You can also get in touch with us is by filling out our contact form. When you do, one of our agents will get back to you as soon as possible. How may we serve you?