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Josh Campbell Discusses the Importance of Lifelong Learning with Entrepreneur Magazine

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At Rescue Air and Plumbing, we are pleased to announce that our owner, Joshua Campbell, has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Behind the Review podcast. In the episode, Josh discusses how leadership and lifelong learning help our company maintain 4.5 stars on Yelp, provide locals with more than 40 jobs, and stay successful.

Josh’s Philosophy on Leadership

As a third-generation heating and cooling expert working in Richardson, Texas, Josh knows residential heating and air. He is following in the footsteps of his grandfather and even expanding our business to handle plumbing problems, as well. How does Josh do it? With great leadership. In his own words:

When I think of leadership, I think of a head coach, right? A mentor or a guide. I think those are the best leaders… I once heard an analogy of the garden stakes that you plant on a tree to help the tree grow up properly. That's what leadership is in my mind.”

The success of our business also depends on the quality of our employees. Josh hires people with great attitudes who are always searching for ways to improve. Rescue Air workers are on time, have excellent work ethics, and have the energy, attitude, and passion to provide fast and effective repairs and services. Simply put, we are a team of problem solvers carefully selected by Josh himself to build the best team in Texas.

Motivating the Team

When he’s not building a world-class team, Josh reads leadership books and focuses on self-improvement. The strategies he learns help him motivate his team. One such strategy is giving out gold stars for employees to wear around the workplace. This small physical gesture is a sign of a job well done.

Everybody else gets to see that they’re doing something right,” Josh tells Entrepreneur.

A Commitment to Lifelong Learning

For Josh, however, the most important part of leadership is a commitment to lifelong learning. As such, he takes time to learn what his staff needs and what his customers and reviewers want. Josh says his 1-star reviews are the ones that help him build a better business. Of a 1-star reviewer, he says:

I need to send him a steak dinner gift certificate, not be angry with him.”

He also pays attention to the “in-between” reviews, which are filled with “magic” – or tips, tricks, and opportunities for improving the company.

Even in 4-star reviews, Josh always asks: “Hey, what could we have done to earn that fifth star?” He encourages all business owners to ask how they can get the fifth star for their company.

Improve Your Business and Get World-Class Service Today

Elsewhere in the episode, Josh gives business owners his recommendations for leadership books, tips for building honesty and trust within their teams, and emphasizes the importance of talking about the “ugly things” when building businesses.

Business owners can listen to the entire podcast on SoundCloud (opens a new window).

If you are a customer, we encourage you to listen, too! You can also leave us a review on Yelp or schedule your next service at (972) 201-3253 or online.