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5 Home Projects to Complete Before Summer

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woman cleaning gutters

Now that most of the country has been spending more time at home, you’ve probably noticed a few things around your own house that could use some attention. Before the weather heats up and our daily routines return to normal, try to knock out these home maintenance and improvement projects!

1. Clear out your gutters.

When not regularly cleaned, gutters can fill up with dust, leaves, twigs, and even birds nests. If gutters get too full, they can start to sag and result in drainage problems and water damage in your home. Grab a sturdy stool or ladder, put on a thick pair of gloves, and try to clear away the debris before the next rainfall.

2. Schedule professional maintenance for your air conditioner.

Air conditioners go through heavy-duty use for four to five months at a time, and that can add up to a lot of money on your electric bill. During a professional maintenance appointment, a technician can improve your air conditioning system’s efficiency by removing the dust buildup in its components. At the same time, the technician will also check to make sure all of the parts are working so that you don’t end up with a system failure in the middle of summer.

3. Clean your air vent registers and exhaust fans.

When the registers (or grills) over your air vents become covered with dust, the air that blows out of your vents can carry away those dust particles and circulate them throughout your home. When exhaust fans get dirty with dust, they’re unable to clean your air as efficiently as before. Use a microfiber dust cloth to remove as many particles as possible from these often neglected items.

4. Declutter.

A home with less clutter is easier to clean and is bound to put you in better spirits. There are a multitude of decluttering methods that you can try according to your preferences, but if you’re looking to complete this project in a hurry, stick to these basic steps:

  • Declutter by category (books, toiletries, bed linens, etc.), rather than by room.

  • Create the following piles for items you’re giving up: donate, sell, trash, and recycle.

  • Give up anything that you don’t use, don’t like, or that you most likely will not need in the future. Think of it this way: if you were to move from your current home, would this item be worth the time and the price of packing and taking it with you?

5. Change the direction of your ceiling fan.

You can use your ceilings fans to make your rooms feel warmer in winter and cooler in summer. For winter, your fan should rotate clockwise to force warm air down in your direction. For summer, change your ceiling fan’s direction to counter-clockwise so that you can enjoy the wind-chill effect it creates.

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