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How to Naturally Heat Your Home and Save Money

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Naturally, Heat Your Home and Save Money This Winter

With winter weather in full swing, you may find yourself with a high electric/gas bill trying to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Heat up your home and avoid skyrocketing utility bills with these natural tips.

1. Reverse the Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fan blades work by moving air up or down as the unit spins. In summer, you want to cool the house and lift the warm air up. In winter, you want to keep warmer air down lower to keep the living space warm—reversing the direction of your ceiling fan does just that.

There should be a switch on the side of the ceiling fan unit to reverse the direction of the fan’s rotation. You’ll need to use a ladder to reach the switch on the base of the unit, but you only have to alter it once in the spring and once in the fall.

2. Make Homemade Meals

There’s no better way to naturally warm up your home than to fire up the oven. The heat from your oven and stove can be used to radiate warmth throughout this area of your home. The smell of home-made meals and baked goods can also help to make your home feel nice and cozy.

3. Let the Sun Shine In

On days when the sun is shining, open up curtains and shades to let the sun’s rays warm up your home. As the sun moves around the house throughout the day, close the curtains where the sun isn’t shining and open them where the sun is still beaming.

Professional HVAC Maintenance in Dallas

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