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The Top 5 Heating & Cooling Mistakes to Avoid

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As heating and cooling experts, we receive many questions about saving energy--specifically questions like, “How can I make my energy costs lower?” or “How can I cool my home more efficiently?” While it certainly helps to install energy-efficient equipment, you can also prevent astronomical energy bills by avoiding common mistakes people make when using their HVAC equipment.


Below, we’ll share some of the most typical heating and cooling mistakes we encounter that are bad for your HVAC system and drive up your energy costs.

1. Closing Air Vents

Some people will close the air vent in an unoccupied room because they believe this will direct that air to places that need it more. Unfortunately, that’s not how HVAC systems work. If you close an air vent, you will create a pressure imbalance in your HVAC system that can make leaks in your ductwork and cause the equipment to run less efficiently. If you would like the ability to cool or heat specific areas of your home, talk to our team about installing a zone control system in your existing HVAC system.

2. Keeping the Same Air Filter In Too Long

Your air filter plays a critical role in keeping dust and other airborne particles out of your HVAC equipment. However, if the filter becomes clogged with dust and hair, it will prevent a sufficient amount of air from flowing through your HVAC system. Not only does this make the components less efficient, but it causes them to work harder and longer, putting them through unnecessary wear and tear. Too little airflow can even result in your system overheating and breaking down.

3. Setting the Thermostat To an Extreme Temperature

If you feel really hot or cold after coming in from outdoors, you might be tempted to crank your thermostat to an incredibly high or low temperature so that your HVAC system will “work faster.” The reality is that your system won’t work faster just because you’ve set it at an extreme temperature. Often, what ends up happening is that people forget that they’ve set such a high or low temperature, and their HVAC equipment ends up running for much longer than necessary.

4. Installing the Thermostat in a Hot or Cold Location

Where you install your thermostat matters--big time. If you install it next to a heat-generating appliance or on a wall that gets direct sunlight, it might cause your AC to run more than necessary. Likewise, if you install it in a particularly drafty location, it might make your heater cycle more frequently than needed, driving up your energy costs.

5. Skipping Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance helps keep your energy bills low because it helps your heating and cooling equipment continue to function at peak performance. Avoidable issues (like loose components, lack of lubrication, dust build-up, etc.) can significantly affect your HVAC equipment’s performance, increasing your energy bills and reducing your comfort in the process.

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