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Do You Make These Pricey Heating and Cooling Mistakes?

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man changing dirty hvac filter

If you feel like your heating and cooling costs have been going up every year, you might not be wrong. The good news is that you may be able to lower your gas and electric bills by changing any bad habits you might have with the way you use your HVAC system.

Below are three of the most common, costly heating and cooling mistakes homeowners tend to make.

Ignoring Annual Service

One mistake that many people make is only calling a technician when something is not working properly. While your heating and cooling system may appear to be working well, skipping tuneups allows the equipment to lose efficiency over time due to dirt and dust buildup, loosening mechanisms, and worn parts. Not only do these issues make it more costly to operate your HVAC system, but they can also lead to premature wear and tear and more frequent breakdowns.

Not Changing Filters

Your HVAC system’s filter helps keep debris out of machinery and ductwork. When you replace the filter regularly, it’s able to perform this function without interrupting airflow to your system. However, when you delay replacing the filter, it can become clogged with dust and block an adequate amount of air from moving through your equipment. This leads to decreased efficiency and issues such as overheating, frozen evaporator coils, and system failures.

Closing Vents to Control Temperature

You may have heard that it’s a smart idea to close vents in unused rooms to save energy or redirect conditioned air to other areas of your home. While this may seem like sound logic, a deeper dive into learning how your HVAC system works debunks this theory. When you close a vent in a room, your HVAC system will still try to direct air there regardless. This is going to create a pressure imbalance in the system that will cause it to work harder than necessary and may even lead to leaks in your ductwork.

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