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Why Won't My AC Turn Off?

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In Texas, we rely on our air conditioners year-round to keep cool during the day. But sometimes, your AC won’t stop running, even when your home is perfectly cool. If your unit is running 24/7 without shutting off, it may be time to have your air conditioner serviced or replaced. Instead of repeatedly hitting the buttons, here’s what you should do:

Check Your Thermostat

When your air conditioner runs consistently, it’s not only a waste of energy but a waste of money. The first step in lowering your energy consumption and your utility bill is to check your thermostat. Your thermostat has automatic settings that may kick in if it is set accidentally or incorrectly. If your thermostat detects there is a demand for cool air, your air conditioner will kick in to fill the demand.

To fix this, set your thermostat above room temperature. This will tell your AC to switch off. If your unit doesn’t turn off immediately, the thermostat may not be the problem.

Clean The Condensing Unit

The condenser coils inside your air conditioner disperse heat, but when they’re dirty the coils may be unable to operate efficiently. When your coils are unable to work properly, your AC needs to work harder to cool down and maintain the correct temperature. To stop your air conditioner from running continuously, check the condenser coils for dirt and debris, and clean if necessary.

Utilize Your Fan Limit Switch

Most air conditioning units have a “Fan Limit Switch” near the blower which allows the fan to continue running independently from your settings. If there is a manual override, your air conditioner fan may run on its own. To prevent this, change this setting from “manual” to “auto” so the fan only runs when it’s actually needed.

Make a Maintenance Appointment

At Rescue Air, many of the issues our customers face with their HVAC systems come down to the settings and maintenance of their unit. Without the proper settings and cleanings, your air conditioner will run longer, work harder, and will eventually break down.

To avoid any cooling issues, perform regular maintenance appointments. Your cooling professional will tell you if your unit simply needs to be clean, or if it’s a larger issue.

If your air conditioner isn’t running properly, give us a call today. One of our highly-skilled professionals will be sure to identify and fix your HVAC concerns! (972) 201-3253