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Is It Safe to Turn On My AC During a Thunderstorm?

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Thunderstorms happen all year round in Texas, and they can get pretty wicked. These storms bring heat and humidity with them, especially right before the storm hits, which may make you run to your thermostat to cool off.

Thunder also brings the risk of lightning. Though it’s tempting to rely on your air conditioner, you shouldn’t run your unit during a thunderstorm. Here’s why:

Not only does running your AC during a storm put your system at risk, but it can also put your safety at risk. The chances of your home being hit by lightning may appear slim, but think of it this way: a lightning strike has the potential to send 5 billion joules of energy through your home’s electrical system. This poses a big problem for your HVAC, and other electrical units in your home.

You’re probably thinking I have a surge protector, that should protector my appliances, right? In theory, yes — your surge protector should protect against the increase in voltage. However, a jolt of electricity this large is way more than a standard surge protector can handle.

The damage from a large electrical surge can be very severe; your internal electrical circuits and the controls of your entire HVAC system could be destroyed.

What to Do During a Storm

When a thunderstorm rolls in, ask yourself if you’d rather risk having no air conditioning for a few hours, or for a few days or weeks until a new one is installed? It’s better to be safe than sorry, just as it’s better to shut off your air conditioner if you know a storm is passing through.

It is, however, perfectly safe to use your unit during a rainstorm, just make sure your unit is clear of debris.

Calling a Professional

If you do need service on your air conditioning, our technicians provide AC repair in Dallas, TX and are available around the clock. At Rescue Air Heating and Cooling, we understand that emergencies do not just occur during business hours.