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Why Air Duct Cleaning Should Be a Priority This Fall

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The Importance of Autumn Air Duct Cleaning

After spending time outside in the spring and summer, our indoor air quality can become significantly decrease. Combined with indoor air pollutants, such as pet dander and dust, your air quality can substantially decrease — which is why autumn is the best time to give your ducts a cleaning. Here’s what you should know.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Air Ducts This Autumn

Summer in Texas means some of the worst temperatures all year. However, we still want to enjoy the summer sun while we can. This means that we may spend days outside and cut our cooling costs by opening our windows. After a full season, that’s a lot of outdoor pollutants that we trap into our home.

Autumn is full of fresh, new beginnings — bringing (slightly) cooler weather and the holiday season. This also makes fall the perfect time to clean your air ducts. With reduced temperatures and school back in session, your local cooling company will have more availability for maintenance calls, making it easier for you to get an appointment.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure your indoor air is clean before spending more time inside all season. Between family members with allergies and holiday guests, your air quality has a more significant impact on your comfort than you may realize.

If your household features any of the following, you should consider getting your ducts cleaned sooner rather than later:

  • Pets

  • Residents who smoke

  • Small children

  • Family members with allergies

Think of your home as your body and your HVAC as your lungs. Both are important, and to breathe easy, you need to ensure nothing is compromising the quality of the air your HVAC pumps out. Air duct cleaning provides you the chance to improve your air quality and even check your furnace to avoid any potential repairs as you head into colder weather.

If you’re ready for a duct cleaning in your home or have any questions, contact us at Rescue Air today.