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Troubleshooting a Lennox Air Conditioner

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Troubleshooting a Lennox air conditioner is actually much simpler than homeowners think. Whether you troubleshoot yourself or leave it to the professionals at Rescue Air and Plumbing, this handy guide is worth bookmarking.

Common Lennox Air Conditioner Issues

The unit is loud.

1. Fan motor - This is common on older units. The bearings that are used wear out over time. Replacing the motor is less costly than replacing the unit.

2. The compressor - Another component that wears out after a great deal of use is the compressor. It pumps the refrigerant that cools the air.

3. Fan blade - This blade will loosen over time. Do not put off getting your unit looked at when it starts to get noisy.

The air conditioner stops pushing out cool air.

1. The compressor - The compressor is made up of a series of coils, and the pump that circulates the refrigerant. Any of these components could cause the compressor to fail.

2. The power cut off to the unit - There may be fuses or breakers between the house circuit breakers and the condensing unit. Units that have a disconnect box may need to be looked at too.

3. Thermostat - The thermostat controls how long the air conditioner runs to achieve the desired temperature. In most units, this is accomplished by contacts used to open and close circuits. If the contacts fail, the unit does not know when to operate.

If you take care of your system properly, an air conditioner is designed to last for many years. Having certified professionals from Rescue Air and Plumbing service your air conditioner will give you peace of mind. Call or contact us today for all your air conditioning needs.