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Signs Your AC Is Making You Sick

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Homeowner sitting on couch feeling sick

We tend to blame our headaches and watery eyes on the seasonal changes. But did you know that your HVAC system could actually be to blame?

3 Signs Your AC Is Making You Sick

1. Do You Have Breathing Problems?

If you haven’t cleaned your air conditioner in quite some time, it can become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and mold. Having these microorganisms in your air can cause fevers, coughing, muscle aches, and more.

Schedule a maintenance tune-up so a professional technician can clean the air filter and make sure your system is running correctly.

2. Are You Suffering From Headaches?

You may have your thermostat set too cold. When your body is constantly chilly, you can easily get sick, including headaches and fatigue. So make sure you turn up your thermostat (it’ll help you save on your monthly bills, too!).

3. Are Your Eyes Itchy or Watery?

If your eyes are itchy and/or watery, it’s most likely due to allergies. However, your HVAC system could also play a role in triggering your allergy symptoms — especially if there are holes in your ductwork. Call a professional to check out your ductwork to help fix your indoor air quality.

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