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Is An AC Tune-Up Really Necessary?

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At Rescue, we routinely receive questions about whether or not air conditioners really need tune-ups after long periods without use. As trustworthy experts in the field, we consider annual AC tune-ups quite necessary. If you haven’t scheduled your annual tune-up yet, you may want to after reading:

Help Your AC Unit Spring Back to Life

While going unused for several weeks, your home or business's air conditioner can experience:

  • Dust, rust, and debris

  • Deterioration of its electrical components

  • Coolant leaks

  • Weakening of moving parts

  • Lubricant breakdown

It’s important to have a professional inspect your unit to ensure that it can endure the harsh heat of summer without causing your family any discomfort. Life gets busy in summer, between graduations, parties, enjoying the great weather, our to-do list seems ongoing. That’s why it’s better to plan your tune-up earlier, so you can enjoy a cool home all season.

Spend Less Overall

You care about your bank balance, and we share your concern. Just as your car needs oil changes and other maintenance to guard against a massive future repair bill, tending to your air conditioner's maintenance needs now will save you money later. It will help you:

  • Avoid repair bills

  • Extend your unit's life

  • Delay buying a new air conditioner as long as possible

The money you save by being proactive can be better used on a vacation, a nice dinner date, or to treat yourself!

Maintain Your Warranty

As HVAC pros, we know that AC maintenance is synonymous with AC-warranty maintenance. Skipping your spring air conditioner tune-ups won't merely cause your unit's early demise. It can also void your unit's warranty. But rest assured, we'll help you keep your AC protected.

Pay Less to Cool Your Home

A maintained air conditioner runs optimally, but a neglected one works too hard. Units in disarray always use more electricity. If you want to pay less to cool your home, consider our service essential. Your AC and electric bill will both thank you!

Call Us Early!

Of course, our experts at Rescue Air can work on your air conditioner anytime, but you will receive the promptest appointment if you schedule your AC tune-up in March rather than June or later. Contact us today to schedule your AC's much-needed maintenance service.