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4 Heating Myths Every Homeowner Should Know

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It doesn’t get extremely cold here in Texas. But every now and again, the temperature drops at night and we like to have a little heat — and many of us will rely on space heaters to help keep us cozy. But how much do you really know about these tiny heaters?

4 Common Heating Myths

1. Turning your thermostat up will heat your home faster.

No matter what you set your thermostat to, your home will heat up or cool down in the same amount of time. We don’t suggest any of our customers crank the heat up in order to quickly heat their home — this will only cause your bills to rise, especially when you turn the temperature back down an hour or two later.

2. A space heater will help you save money.

Did you know that sometimes, the cost of electricity is actually higher than the cost of gas. It actually would cost five times more to heat your home with a space heater than with a gas furnace.

3. My home has insulation so I don’t need to worry about air leaks.

If you have proper insulation for your home, you’re in a good place. However, that doesn’t mean you’re completely free from an air leak. Still check your windows and doors to make sure no cool air is pouring in and out.

4. Ceiling fans are only beneficial in the summer and spring.

Actually, ceiling fans are beneficial all year long. The only catch is, you need to change the way to fan spins during the fall and winter, compared to the spring and summer.

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