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Nest Thermostat Installation: Your Go-To Guide

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This project takes around 30 minutes and Nest provides you with all the tools you need (mounting hardware and flat head screwdriver included!).

How To Install Your Nest Thermostat

1. Turn off the power to your HVAC system.

Locate the switch to your HVAC system on your circuit breaker and turn it “Off.”

2. Take a picture of old thermostat wiring.

Remove the cover of your thermostat and snap a pic. Use this photo as a guide for when you connect the wires to the Nest later on.

If your thermostat has wires on the thicker side, you have a high-voltage system, which is not compatible -- you'll need to call a professional to complete the installation.

3. Determine Nest's compatibility with your system.

Visit to see if your system is compatible. Enter the wires on the page and Nest will tell you which wires attach to which terminal on the thermostat.

4. Remove your old thermostat.

Most thermostats are attached with just a few screws, so it will take no time for you to disassemble your old thermostat.

5. Install the trim plate.

This step is optional. If you want to have the plate over your thermostat (and cover old screw holes or chipped paint), the plate will give you a clean appearance.

6. Attach the Nest base.

Slip the wiring through the center of the Nest base and place it on the wall. Use two longer, self-tapping screws and apply them through the top hole of the base of the wall.

7. Wire the thermostat.

Use the picture you took of your old thermostat and the information from the Nest website and attach the wires back accordingly -- press the button next to each slot on the base and attach the wire.

8. Attach the Nest display.

Press the Nest glass display on the base of the thermostat (don't screw or tilt!). It will light up when it's attached properly.

9. Turn on the power

Turn your circuit breakers back on and your thermostat should be up and running! Follow the on-screen setup and connect to your home's Wi-Fi (this should only take about 5 minutes). And don't forget to download the Nest app on your mobile phone. This is one of the best features of the Nest product line. It gives you the ability to have remote access and energy savings even while you are away from home.

We hope this helps! Check out our website for more information on Rescue Air!