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Dust On Your Air Vents? It's Time For An Air Duct Cleaning

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“What are air ducts and why do I need a duct cleaning?”

We hear this from our customers time and time again. Think of your home as a body. In this situation, your HVAC system and ducts are your home’s lungs. Both of these systems allow you to breathe clean air.

When something compromises your HVAC system and home ductwork, it compromises your air quality, and thus, your quality of life.

So what are air ducts?

Air ducts are the pathways for any heated and cooled air to travel throughout your home (with help from your HVAC system as well).

What happens if you don’t clean your air ducts?

The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) says that every year, an average six-room home generates as much as 40 pounds of dust — all of which circulate through your air ducts and makes its way back into your home.

For most people, this won’t cause too serious of an issue. But any major blockage, whether that be dirt or debris, can negatively affect your HVAC systems air flow, which will likely mean higher energy costs over time.

Also, an accumulation of dirt and debris can definitely trigger respiratory issues. Scheduling a routine duct cleaning is simply easier and healthier in the long run.

What should you expect during an air duct cleaning?

If your allergies are acting up or you have visible debris buildup on your vents or HVAC system, call a professional.

Expert technicians will use the proper tools to open entryways in your HVAC system to make both inspection and cleaning easier.

Once they gain physical access to your ductwork, our technicians will use brushes and pneumatic agitation devices to loosen debris buildup. Any loosened dust, dirt, and debris will then be captured by a vacuum suction.

Your air ducts are very important to your home ventilation and without proper maintenance it can make your HVAC system less efficient and lead to a multitude of health issues.

If you’re ready for a duct cleaning or have any questions, contact Rescue Air at (972) 201-3253! today!