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Where NOT To Place Your Thermostat

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Thermostats help heat and cool your home, but only if you install them in the right place. If you don’t place your thermostat in the right room/area, your thermostat won’t be able to accurately represent the temperature in your home.

Places NOT To Place Your Thermostat

1. In direct sunlight

If your thermostat is directing where the sun shines in your home, you could risk receiving the wrong reading. Since your thermostat records the temperature of your home, it may end up heating or cooling your home improperly if it’s constantly in the sunlight.

2. Above air vents

When the thermostat is placed above or near an air vent, the temperature readings can get skewed since the air is directly hitting the thermostat. If your heater is on, your thermostat may think it’s warmer than it is, and if your air conditioner is running, your thermostat may turn off before your home is really cooled yet.

3. Near the kitchen

Your kitchen is the one room that gets the warmest in your entire home (without even trying). With all that cooking, it’s easy for temperatures to fluctuate, which isn’t good for your thermostat — it won’t be able to receive an accurate reading.

The Best Place To Install Your Thermostat

The ideal spot for your smart thermostat is in the hallway in the center of your home or whichever room is the most-used — just remember to make sure your thermostat is away from direct sunlight and air vents.

For the most energy savings and comfort, you should call on one of our trusted technicians to install a smart thermostat for you (we can help you figure out the best places to locate them!).

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