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How To Get Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving Dinner

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For some people, Thanksgiving dinner is a piece of cake. For others, they just so happened to draw the short end of the stick. Either way, we have a few tips to help out even the most savviest holiday host.

Plan Ahead

Talk to your family and friends, figure out their favorite foods, allergies, etc, and start planning your menu!

Keep Things Indoors

Don’t think we’re discouraging you from playing a game of flag football outside, but keeping as many activities indoors lessens the amount of people going in and out of your house. And in the end, this helps decrease the amount of warm air being wasted Thanksgiving Day.

Change Your Filter

You and your family will breathe easier if you change your furnace filter. It will make your furnace’s job easier and make your home smell fresher.

Adjust Your Thermostat

You may end up being able to save on heating costs Thanksgiving Day! Turn down your thermostat — all the cooking in your kitchen and the amount of people in your home will bring up the temperature in your home naturally.

If you’d like your heating system checked before your holiday party commences, contact Rescue Air and Plumbing at (972) 201-3253. Or, if your heater conks out on you when temperatures cool, we’re here for you.