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Getting Your AC Unit Ready for a Hot Dallas Summer

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Summer is coming. Is your air conditioning system ready to face the heat? Air conditioning units use more energy than just about anything else in your home, and if it is not functioning properly, it can cost you a lot of money. Here are a few tips on getting your unit ready for summer:

  • Change the air filter at least once each month.

Air filters take particulate matter out of the air as it circulates and they can get pretty dirty. If you don’t change them regularly, they can make your air conditioning unit work that much harder, driving up your energy costs.

  • Make sure the AC unit’s condenser is in good shape.

The condenser unit is the part of the system that is located outside. Make sure it is clean and that nothing is blocking the unit. Things such as foliage, debris and grass clippings can get in and clog the unit, which will reduce its efficiency. Use a clean cloth or brush to carefully clean the coil from the fins. You need to do this carefully so you don’t damage the fins. Make sure you turn off the thermostat before you clean the condenser.

  • Check out the ductwork.

Condensation in the ductwork can lead to moisture damage and can also cause mold and fungus buildup. If you think this might be a problem with your unit’s ductwork, you need to have a professional check it out.

You might be able to spot evidence of water damage by removing the registers and examining the ductwork that is visible.

  • Check the coolant lines.

These are tubes that run from the inside unit to the condenser outside. They are normally covered with a foam insulation to make sure they work efficiently and don’t lose energy. If you spot areas where the insulation is worn or missing, you should replace it.

  • Get a checkup.

Have a technician come to your home to examine your unit to make sure everything is running as it should. He will be able to spot clogs and remove them and repair any other problems in the unit to make sure it is running smoothly.

Summer will be here before you know it: make sure you get your AC unit inspected soon so that it will be in great shape and keep you cool all season long. Call Rescue Air and Plumbing at (972) 201-3253 for an appointment.