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Fast & Fair with Your Repair Texans Know Heat, We Know Cooling!


Specialty Refrigerants including R-22 will be priced at market rate and cannot conform to our standardized pricing format.

Rescue Air Service Area is limited to the areas in which we can give our absolute best. We hope to service all of the Dallas and Fort Worth metroplex in the near future; however, do understand that we have your best interests in mind if we cannot offer you service at this time.

Rescue Air reserves the right to only conduct business directly with a homeowner and not:

  • With Contractors or General Contractors representing homeowners or with homeowners to be billed through a general contractor.
  • With insurance companies or with homeowners in regards to insurance claims. We will not partake in any correspondence with insurance companies or their representatives.
  • With Real Estate Agents representing buyers or sellers or with homes that are listed for sale or under contract.
  • On systems that are under 2 years of age. We highly recommend that you work any installation issues out with your installing contractor. We will not represent a customer against an industry colleague and if that service is necessary the best path is the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation Toll-Free (in Texas): (800) 803-9202
  • With any Home Warranty Company. All payments for services rendered must be made directly by a homeowner to Rescue Air. Rescue Air will not provide correspondence of any kind to or for the purpose of pursuing home warranty company for payment or damages.

We also reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who is disrespectful or vulgar to our team.